Bertha with Bertie
Biographical info
Gender Female
Residence Server House
The Canyon Village
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance ?

Bertha is a kitty GameChap and Bertie befriended and put in the 12w04a videos.

Bertha was named when GameChap and Bertie were showing how creepers are afraid of ocelots.

Bertha seems to belong to Mr. Mayor since she is usually seen in his house.

Bertha isn't really seen that much in GameChap's videos after the 1.6.1 update videos.


Bertha's appearance is a normal, orange tabby cat with small lighter orange stripes on the top and Bertha has green eyes.


  • Bertha is able to kill creepers.
  • Bertha lives in the mayors village.
  • Squiddington is in love with her because of her being useful.