Canyon Village
Gimmeabreak map
The original village in 1.8, generated by the seed "gimmeabreak"


The Overworld




Mr. Mayor

A village that is situated near a canyon was the second place that GameChap and Bertie do mod reviews and new features from updates. The residence of Mr. Mayor is also located there.

Like GameChap's house, it is constantly being destroyed or deconstructed in various different ways, such as Being blown up, igniting (or in the lesser cases, the mayors house being launched onto a mountain, the disappearance of a huge amount of the village, etc) and sometimes the entire village is destroyed (there were two times when the village was nuked).

The village has a canyon with floating abandoned mineshafts near it and some pumpkins growing near its streets.


You can spawn in this exact same village by using the seed "gimmeabreak", where you will spawn directly in the village (the seed does not work in 1.2.5, however the flatlands version still does work).