Carlos Ray "Chuck" Norris
Biographical info
Species Superhuman
Gender Male
Residence United States
Political info
Affiliation Herobrine
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Minecraft Herobrine Mod Spotlights
Mc gold pickaxe "This page needs more bally info!"
This is Minecraft, not the Texas Ranger old chap!
- GameChap, encountering Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris is you in the future from the past was first seen in the V 1.51 Beta Herobrine Mod spotlight. He is usually seen wielding any diamond weaponry and known for roundhouse-kicking GameChap. He also appears in a duel video, in which he fights Herobrine, killing him by dropping a planet on his head, then blowing him up in a mushroom cloud. However, he also appears in the Herobrine Mod, raising the question of his allegiance.