The classic E




A frightful show my word. Anywhere that said-

- GameChap, running into the Ye Old Village Shoppe

GameChap and Bertie have a chronic fear of the uppercase E ever since their first review on the Herobrine mod. The E is approximately 3 blocks long and 5 blocks tall and is made entirely out of Glowstone. The E appears mostly on Herobrine mods or episodes that involve Herobrine.

Some think that E is Herobrine's initial, since he talks the backwards. On some videos (mostly clay soldiers), there would be an E hidden somewhere and GameChap and Bertie would not notice.

In the video Minecraft HEROBRINE REMOVED in 1.3? it was seen that Herobrine was the one who was placing the E's everywhere.

Sometimes the E would show up in several of their clay soldiers videos.