GCHQ, was built by player Lucifur_Macomb for sirs GameChap and BertieChap. The base originally entitled 'The Bert-Cave' due to BertieChap donning the cape and cowl as: Bertman; during the snapshots where bats were added (12w38a-1.4pre). GameChap later named the base: GCHQ (GameChap Head Quarters).

First seen in their Secret Base video (5th November 2012) where they showed a few of the rooms, the chaps have since used it in several videos for mod reviews and snapshot screenings. The house is built next to a village, complete with Mayor's House and a Bert-Signal. Under the house lies the base, complete with many rooms and redstone circuits to aid the player.

Later, A new GCHQ was created. This one, GCHQ 2.0 was announced by GameChap And Bertie . It is available for download here


The Bert-Cave:

  • Secret entrance
  • Command block elevator
  • 3x3 piston door
  • Storage
  • Bert-Computer
  • Bob-o-meter
  • Whisky Brewery (Potion room)
  • Enchanting area
  • Furnace room
  • Armoury / Dressing room
  • Weather Machine
  • Ender/Nether Portals
  • B.S.A Testing Room
  • Living Quarters
  • Bedroom
  • Secret Room

The Village:

  • Iron Golems
  • Mayor's House
  • Bert-Signal (Links to destress light on Bert_Computer)
  • 1.5 Podium
  • Streetlights


  • Small gardens front/back
  • Squiddington
  • Bar
  • Swimming Pool
  • Firework launcher
  • Day/Night outdoor lighting.

Updated for 1.5 Edit

The Village:

  • Added names to some villagers
  • Day/Night sensored village lamps
  • Podium changed for 1.5

The House:

  • Smaller melon farm
  • Day/Night outdoor lighting
  • Firework launcher
  • Small farms
  • Squiddington
  • Pool area
  • Bar redesigned


  • New redstone for 3x3 door
  • Bob-o-meter
  • Unattainable blocks added
  • Storage Changed
  • Semi-automatic furnaces
  • Able to refill Whiskey brewery (Potions)
  • Weather Machine
  • Main lights ON/OFF switch
  • Added living quarters.
  • Character Select
  • Bedroom
  • Secret room
  • Minecart goes to: GCHQ /Mine /Portal Room and B.S.A Testing
  • Added new contraptions to testing room
  • Removed lock for testing room
  • Made the portals more spacious