GameChap in Minecraft, equipped with his "Golden Sword of Justice."
Biographical info
Aliases GameChap
Species Human
Gender Male
Residence Server House
Political info
Affiliation Independent
Nationality British
Miscellaneous info
Actor/Actress Adam Spencer
   It is always a pleasure to read a loathsome little collection of immature hatred from a group of humour-starved individuals who are not worth the collective bandwidth cost of transmitting their usernames.
   Were it that one could apply to their façade of bravado such labels as "hypocritical bigotry", "overt racism" and "selective ignorance", but alas, one feels that such could never hope to accurately describe the result of their many hours spent boiling in a vitriolic stew of misplaced insolence and rampant self-doubt. Indeed, perhaps it would be wasted on such a motley band, the sum total of whose intelligent quotients in respect of wit, one fears, would not exceed their number.
   That said, one cannot deny feeling at least a tad admiring of the gusto with which the diminutive collection of doubtlessly besmirched keyboard-bludgeoning specimens went about their misguided, vituperative tiradery.
   With the above said, one would be pleased to scrape their rather repulsive accumulation from the ranks of one's highly valued subscriber base (akin to drawing from the ocean with a teaspoon) upon the publication of their YouTube channel hyperlinks within a strict five-second period from the date of posting of this missive.
   In closing and sum, one is most pleased that this Reddit posting has served its purpose; to ask not what is wrong with GameChap, but - rather - what is wrong with the posting's perpetrators.
   (As for the Chaps and Chapettes that may be reading this message, I thank you most kindly for being jolly fine fellows. We shall continue unabated in our untiring toil towards the good cause for you all!)

- GameChap's most infamous quote.

GameChap (Sometimes called AdamChap due to his real name being possibly Adam) is the main man of sorts hailing from London. His Youtube channel, Adamzonetopmarks, is his base of operations. While he is mostly known for his Minecraft videos, he occasionally also plays other games such as Super Mario Bros games, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. His recent projects also consist of Team Fortress 2, Happy Wheels, Faster Than Light and various other games, however with the exception of OoT he never seems to finish them (probably to encourage people to buy the games).

In Minecraft, GameChap owns a house near a snow biome that is almost always amusingly destroyed somehow, or (alternatively) set on fire. GameChap and Bertie (allegedly) have to go to the village Fire Department to repair his house (even if the cause of destruction is not a fire.) GameChap usually trusts ACME co. (of Looney Toons fame) for all of his mod spotlights.

Pigs mens head gamechap

In Minecraft New NETHER CHEST in 1.6!, GameChap's skin in the nether changed to a white all over skin (due to a bug) but in Bertie's view he was a Zombie Pigman's head holding The Golden Sword Of Justice

In Minecraft, GameChap's skin is a replication of his real life appearance, complete with a brown tweed suit, dark brown brogues, a gold-plated monocle and a red flat cap. Unlike Bertie, he rarely changes his skin. In some videos he is outfitted with armour, usually gold, due to his fondness for it.

GameChap also owns houses that appear specifically in mod reviews. These houses usually consist of beach huts, tree houses and even miniature versions of his Server House.


  • All of his own videos.
  • The Walls
  • Deathcraft 2 (Map for Left 4 Dead) *Cameo along with Bertie*
  • Crown Conquest (With the Yogscast and other Youtube-Posting Minecraft players like the Yogscast)


Real Gamechap

The Gentleman Observer. He is speculated to be GameChap.

  • The following are GameChap's pets in Minecraft:
  • GameChap often blames Bertie for disasters even when it is clearly GameChap's fault, such as when Gamechap accidentally fired TNT at the mayor's house.
  • In Minecraft, GameChap usually has "The Golden Sword of Justice" (a Golden Sword which GameChap uses in means of fighting) in inventory slot 5, 30 chicken in slot 7 (He once mentioned he liked KFC [to Bertie's disgust] but then hastily claimed it to be a slip of the tongue), and a clock in slot 9.
  • GameChap is usually the "camera man" in his videos (sometimes in various videos like the Crown Conquest and Super Hostile Sea of Flame there would be a Bertie Cam).
  • GameChap is often unsure about Bertie's quotes, ideas or jokes.
  • GameChap has a hatred of Silverfish, as shown in one episode.
  • You can see GameChap's Hands in two Episodes

    GameChap showing how to get free Minecraft PE

Selected Quotes

GameChap has a number of quotes, such as his most well known quote "I say!". But his other quotes are:

I say, what-oh chaps and chapettes, GameChap and Bertie here!
- GameChap and Bertie's current intro
I say, greetings to you chaps.
- GameChap and Bertie's old intro
For goodness bally sakes!
- Disgusted by the situation he is in
- Terrified
Bertie, what have you done man!?
- Blaming on Bertie
You bally cad!
- Offending a mob or Bertie
- Blaming on Bertie
Take this you brute!
- Slaying a hostile mob
What in the blue blazing bats in a ball?
- Terrified
Tally ho, I say.
- Getting ready for excitement
- Seeing Herobrine's E
Thank you for joining us, fellows, we hope to see you in the next exciting outing, until thennnnnnnn...
- Ending quote

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