They spotted him!
Biographical info
Full name Herobrine Persson
Aliases Notch's Dead Brother
Species ???
Gender Male
Residence The Abandoned Village
The Nether
Political info
Affiliation Independent
Nationality Swedish
Occupation Miner
Miscellaneous info
Appearances Some Herobrine related videos.
Role Haunting GameChap and Bertie
First Appearance Minecraft HEROBRINE Mod! Sighting! He Lives... and is WATCHING YOU!
Gamechap: There's an 'E' over there old boy!
Bertie: E?
Gamechap: E! Say it together old boy!
Both: EEE!

- GameChap & Bertie first encountering Herobrine's message

Gamechap and Bertie have been famous for making videos of the Herobrine Mod by Burrner. When they make the videos, it generally involves them going very freaked out, and screaming whenever Herobrine pops up. The most famous remark is from the first video they made of the mod where they spotted a massive Glowstone 'E' and since then have been scared of the letter. He sometimes appears in the Survival to the End videos in the background, however they don't notice him. In the return of Herobrine video, Herobrine flies out of lava in the Nether and, is more monstrous than usual. He carried a pickaxe and flew to GameChap's house while it was being taken care of by Steve. Herobrine then attacked Steve. Herobrine makes a deep ghastly screaming sound. Enirboreh sevil! THE HARVEST IS COMING



  • Herobrine started as a rumor from someone on the Minecraft Forums, but now it seems that it's a famous myth (Machinima made a movie called Herobrine. Now they made a sequel to it).
  • In some videos, some people's faces were re-textured to have Herobrine's face like The Mayor and Notch.
  • If you watch one of their latest Herobrine videos, it seems like that enderman now have the same sounds Herobrine makes. ---> HEROBRINE ENDERMAN!!!
  • GameChap once said that Herobrine might actually exist (or even come in a release).
  • EEE
  • EEE
  • EEE
  • EEE
  • Due to the fact we have seen Herobrine alongside both GameChap and Bertie it is possible that there is a third chap which we currently do not know of.