Mayor of the Canyon Village
Mr. Mayor
Bertie having a conference with Mr Mayor.
Biographical info
Gender Male
Residence The Canyon Village
Country Residence
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance ?
Hulubluh holulubula huouolaol holalol.
- The mayor speaking in his native tongue.

Mr. Mayor is the ruler of the village situated near the large canyon. GameChap and Bertie always try to please the Mayor... but tend to always destroy either his residence or the entire village by accident. Nowadays, Bertie always tries to sooth the mayor before experimenting with TNT or something else potentially dangerous. There was even one time when Bertie accidentally destroyed the mayor's country residence during a video about the underground light glitch in 12w07b. He spends most of his time sitting at the residence. It's unknown how he survives so many TNT explosions.


  • In reality GameChap and Bertie refuse to believe that Mr. Mayor has died even if he has blown up, right in front of their eyes. They simple believe that the nearest Testificate is the mayor, or even say he was sent flying. He is always placed in fences to be brought into different places and worlds. It is odd how in many explosions, and when the place is burned away, Mr. Mayor seems to survive. Perhaps he has wised up and wears explosion-proof robes specially designed to protect him from tnt.
  • He may be related to the Pharaoh.
  • Mr. Mayor had a plane that at the hands of Bertie crashed into the village then was destroyed by a bombing run.
  • Mrs. Mayor (shown in the Mob Talker - Villager girls mod) may be his wife.
  • In some court trial case video, it was shown that Steve has been sued for killing the Mayor's villagers for their unfair trades.
  • Bertman often refers to Mr. Mayor as "Mr. Commissioner".
  • Mr. Mayor may also be related to Granny.