Gold Sword

Good'day chaps and chappettes. I'm Privatejfx141, and I would like to address that in the coming week, I will adopt the wiki and become admin. I would also want to inform each of you that there will have to be alot of changes coming to this wiki.

The main page will be permanently protected to prevent vandalism, along with the GameChap and BertieChap page, which will be just temporarily protected. A few of the contributing registered users will be granted rollback, chat moderation, and bureaucratic abilities. These users include: Saladine, RushingZ, and EdwardChap. Some comments that contain gibberish or "EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE"s will be removed as they are spam and just clog the space. Users who vandalize after the adoption will be immediately blocked for a couple of days. I'm also hoping to merge this wiki, the GameChap Wiki and the Ye Olde GameChap and Bertie Wiki into one.

Yes, it will feel like a police state but fortunately that would only last for about 2 weeks. I'm hoping to improve the GameChap and Bertie community by making sure you guys behave.

I hope you would like to share some of your opinions about this change coming soon but please, I will probably expect comments like "CAN I BE ADMIN" or "yur stoopit" and I won't give a crap about them until I turn admin to deal with them. I'm doing this chaps because this wiki is vulnerable to vandals and spammers.

Well chaps and chappettes, I'll hope to see you in the next spiffing post, I say! Until then!