Simon "Honeydew" Lane
  • The man behind the dwarf!
  • A fan-depiction of Honeydew's skin.
Biographical info
Gender Male
Residence Minecraftia (The Yogiverse)
Political info
Affiliation The Yogscast
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance The Walls
I'm a dwarf, and I'm digging a hole. Diggy-diggy hole, I'm digging a hole.
- The best known quote of Honeydew.

Simon Lane (well known by his in-game name in Minecraft, "Honeydew") is the co-host of The Yogscast and is more of "the Brawns" of the group, and possibly the most humorous one.

Simon and Lewis had started their rise to fame when they created their BlueXephos account in 2008, creating "How to" video's for World Of Warcraft. Their videos had earned them a spike on popularity, they started to play various other games, including their most popular choice of gaming Minecraft.


Honeydew is Simon's Minecraft character, and one of the two heroes destined to save Minecraftia. His skin is that of a dwarf from Khaz Modan. He is leading sometimes, although Xephos's is called The Leader due to how he acts. Honeydew has a hate of Jumping Puzzles and finds Creepers to be unique. Honeydew does share similarites with Bertie, due to how they both like to blow up various objects. (Just like how Gamechap and Xephos have many traits that make them similar.)


Simon Lane has a very good sense of humor, and has some very funny things to say such as:

  • "Take that you rotter!"

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