Sir Creepalot
Sir Creepalot
The Happy Creeper
Biographical info
Species Creeper
Gender Male (Female in Mob Talker Mod)
Residence Server House basement
Political info
Affiliation GameChap

Sir Creepalot is GameChap's pet creeper. He lives in his own apartment under the server house. He is one of six of GameChap's pets (the others are Scott, Scott II, Jim, Squiddington and Bertha).


  • It is unknown why Sir Creepalot likes GameChap or Bertie. He does not attack them because GameChap's videos are almost always done in Creative Mode.
  • In episodes that are in Survival Mode with mods such as the Tiny Miner Mod and the Christmas Mod videos, Sir Creepalot still does not attack (Although in the latter, the mod makes creepers not attack unless provoked).
  • Creepalot is very rarely compared with Squidington.
  • Sir Creepalot has a gentler disposition than Squiddington, although has been known to blow up Gamechap's house when provoked.
  • It is possible that Sir Creepalot is actually Bob - a similarly friendly creeper which GameChap found when mining.
  • His origional name was Sir Creeper.