Nightmare Golem
Pumpkin Golem
The Nightmare Golem
Biographical info
Residence The Abandoned House, The Village
Miscellaneous info
First Appearance Minecraft NIGHTMARE GOLEM ! Scary Monster !
'The Nightmare Golem ate the Iron Golem seventeen times in two seconds was a monster which lived in an abandoned house on the very edge of the village. He was first seen in Minecraft NIGHTMARE GOLEM! Scary Monster! when GameChap and Bertie were rewiewing the Pumpkin Patch modification by _jk. He appears as an orange golem made out of pumpkins and is aggressive towards GameChap and Bertie.


At the start of the video, GameChap mentions that rumors have being going around the village about noises coming from an abandoned house on the outskirts of the village. Bertie then says Mr. Mayor had a nightmare about an awful being that had fall damage resistance, resistance to fire, resistance to drowning, kicks you back, poisons you, gets stronger and faster as you hit it and has super long vision.

They proceed to the outskirts of the village to a sign pointing in the direction of the village. They continue until they reach the house and hear sounds inside it. GameChap breaks in but is attacked and poisoned by the golem. GameChap escapes outside the house and attacks a nearby creeper which explodes giving GameChap an idea which involves blowing up the house.

GameChap places down a block of TNT and detotanates it with a lever. It destroys the house but the Golem survives and walks slowly outside into a hole but jumps out. GameChap attacks the Golem with The Golden Sword of Justice but is poisoned and killed. The Pumpkin Golem then goes on a rampage through the village.

GameChap manages to rebuild the house and trap the Golem inside. Bertie comes charging behind the corner of a nearby house. Bertie runs over to the house and says that the Golem is a threat to the village and must be killed. He places 2 blocks of TNT and uses a lever to make it explode. The explosion does kill the Golem but it subsequently destroys the whole village.

The chaps watch the village being destroyed and look at the Mayor who doesn't appreciate their help. They fly off from the village with GameChap chasing Bertie, attacking him with The Golden Sword of Justice.