The Pharaoh
Ye Very Olde Pharaoh
Biographical info
Species Testificate
Gender Male
Residence The 12w30b Pyramid
Political info
Affiliation Independent
Whaaaaat haaaaave yooooooou doooooooooooone?
- The Pharoah's reaction to having his pyramid destroyed

The Pharaoh is the king of a pyramid between two biomes. GameChap and Bertie found him when they discovered a pyramid after when they announced that snapshot 12w30b was out. He is actually a butcher villager.

After they discovered him, he told them to help him by leaving. He also appeared when they were testing a new feature that TNT has different properties in different modes. Bertie is creeped out by him. He is also the guardian of the Statue of the Aqua Goddess

The Pharaoh also speaks in a slow, deep voice, a stereotypical way of speaking like said Pharaohs.

Selected QuotesEdit

Whaaaaat haaaaave yooooou dooooooooooone?
- The Pharaoh's reaction to having his pyramid destroyed
Whyyyyyyy have yoooooooou distuuuuuuuuurbed meeeeeeeeee?
- The Pharaoh's response to GameChap and Bertie entering the pyramid
Assassins, destrooooy them.
- The Pharaoh demanding to seize GameChap and Bertie
- The Pharaoh demanding his unseen assassins to seize GameChap and Bertie
- The Pharaoh getting ready to cast some sort of spell