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The Pharaoh's Platoon's Room during the battle.

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The Pharaoh's Platoon's Base.

The Pharaoh's Platoon are a yellow clay soldier's team lead by The Testificate Pharaoh. They participated in Clay Soldier Battle #119 which was held in Herobrine's Jungle Temple. They lost in the battle with only one soldier remaining but they however survived because The Army of Robots (Grey) never spotted him. Most of the team were wiped out in a gunpowder explosion along with the other teams. Prior to the battle, they established a base in the desert next to a Desert Temple, home to The Pharaoh himself! It is a sandstone pyramid with a sandstone pillar with torches on the top.


  • Bertie had two rage fits while reading out the team upgrades of The Pharaoh's Platoon after a mistake with the gold nuggets and bowls.
  • The creator of The Pharaoh's Platoon is ForestEagle1 who is known on The GameChap and Bertie wiki as EdwardChap .